Woodfloor treatment

Timberex oil treated woodfloor grooming and oiling tutorial


Timberex finishing oils are very easy to apply.  The majority work on the same technique, however, it must be clearly highlighted that we recommend any finishing work be carried out by a skilled professional floor finisher and that they take the time to read the instructions which are on the back of every Timberex product.

For the product information sheets which include the methods of applying Timberex oils to your wood floor please see below:

Please note, whilst although Timberex oils can be applied and buffed by hand, you need to ensure a smooth even coat and to work quickly enough that the oils do not dry between coats.  For this reason it’s highly advisable that you use a buffing machine with a red or beige nylon buffing pad.  Most builders merchants offer orbital buffing machine on hire and sell the appropriate pads.


There is larger popularity winning wood floor treatment with natural oils. Oiled floors protect and harden wood structure because oil absorbs into the floor where oil crystallizes and with wood it constitutes hard floor and hard floor top surface.

Decent care harders every time floor top surface and ensures surface natural color and outlook.

Second big priority with oiled floors is place correction oportunity. Everyday life there may become small scratches on the floor. Scratches can be without effort
repaired using sandpaper or some drops of oil.

Oiled floor can be toned with taste and with more opportunities.

Oiled floors shall not sunfast because through the working process floor shall be sunfasted with fast method. After the oiling the floor refreshment extends for a long time.

Oiled floor treatment does not take big work. Living rooms there is a need one time in the year to do the serviceoiling that hardens and fills the wood bores.

Bureau conditions is surely cheaper to make a working contract and Your floor will be treated with professionals.

Everyday floor maintenance starts from the enterings of the house for that reason is good to place to the enterings the protective carpets that protect floor from the sand and dust.

Timberex oil treated floors need periodical treatment oiling.Concrete interval between treatments depends on floor usability.Propertly accomplished oiling and on the right time treated floor quarantee to You correct and hard degrased and insuranced floor settlement. If You are unsure to do the oil treatment by Youself there is ensuring way to make a contract with the oil treated wood company.

Read below some practical notes for oiling and treating the wood floor:


The need for maintenance will vary, depending on a number of factors. Maintenance should be carried out more frequently if the floor is cleaned regularly with a damp cloth, because this will have an abrasive effect on the protective coating. Floors subject to greater wear, such as surfaces regularly walked on with outdoor shoes, will also require more frequent maintenance. Pale, porous wood species, such as beech and ash, will require more frequent maintenance than other wood species.

Once your floor becomes harder to clean, it is time to carry out maintenance.

In most cases, the floor will require maintenance twice in the first year and then once a year. Ideally, your first floor maintenance should take place straight after it has been laid. During the first maintenance treatment, the entire surface should be treated; if you do this immediately after the floor has been installed, you won’t need to move any furniture. This will also give additional protection against moisture penetration between joints.

If you aren’t able to perform initial maintenance straight away, but wait six to twelve months, the easiest way to carry out the procedure is to move all of your furniture to one half of the room. Carry out maintenance on the cleared half, wait one to two hours, then transfer furniture to the treated area and repeat the procedure on the rest of the floor. Subsequent maintenance can be carried out on the parts of the floor surface that really need it, such as the areas that are walked on.

The floor’s moisture resistance, durability and dirt-repellent properties will increase each time you maintain it.

NB! Timberex flooroils are easily burning, all equipment should be put in water or burn in fire.

Right everyday treatment and maintenance ensure beautiful floor for long time and without re-abrading.


  1. Daily cleaning is done with vacuum cleaner or by sweeping. The frequency of floor cleaning depends on the wear on the floor.
  2. Natural Soap is shaken carefully before use.
  3. Mix 3 ounces of Soap into each gallon of lukewarm water. It is recommended always to work with 2 buckets; one with the Soap solution and the other one with rinse water. Clean the floor with minimum quantity of water – leave soap water on floor briefly in order to disso lve dirt. Remove dirty soap water with hard wrung cotton mop or cotton cloth and rinse out in rinse water bucket. Change rinse water often!
  4. Always wipe floor with soap water on hard-wrung mop or cloth in order to reestablish the protective Natural Soap film.
  5. Using the 2 bucket cleaning method is effective and yields an extremely clean surface. It is, however, also possible to use a Swiffer-type system in combination with Soap Spray, provided that any micro fiber pad isreplaced with a cotton pad.


  • Be sure area is dry before applying oil. It is very important to let the floor dry completely before any Master Oil or Color Oil is applied. Any trapped moisture under the oil may cause mildew to develop, which causes black or dark blotches in the floor. It may also greatly increase drying time of the oil.
  • Leave the oil to absorb for a short period of time before thoroughly buffing with a cloth and then removing the oil from the surrounding area with a clean, dry cloth. Deeper scratches or gouges should be sanded until they are no longer visible. Do not use a sand paper that is too fine.
  • 100 grit sandpaper will usually suffice, then clean the spot with lukewarm water and let dry completely. Then follow directions for light scratches above.Whenever an area of the floor has been cleaned or repaired with new oil, it is important to remove all new oil from the surrounding area. This is easily done using a polishing cloth or a cotton rag, which then allows both areas to blend by having approximately the same sheen level. If necessary, steel wool can also be used to eliminate the effect of a slightly higher gloss level in the area around the repair.


  1. Before periodical grooming clean the floor from dirt.
  2. Place the Satin oil to the floor and let to stand for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Place blue randell on the bottom of abradingmachine and clear the floor with machine grooming.
  4. After the procedure let it to stand about 20-30 minutes and clean the oil theti si over from the floor
  5. For Matt surface burnish white randell on the same day. Next day the burnished floor is shining

Periodical treatment hardens the floor. Everyday and periodical treatment hardens the floor surface and the floor after every treatment becomes harder. If You have treated wood according to the manual then Your floor needs every year less periodical treatment.

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